Monday, July 28, 2014

Anniversary Date with Colton

It has been about 9 weeks since my last post. Although I am extremely behind (and I do plan to catch up) I had to write this post before I forgot all the wonderful details!! This could quite possibly be my favorite post ever!! I was so excited to finally be getting to go on an anniversary date with my hubby!! I had only eaten a sandwich all day in preparation of enjoying every savory bite at Houston's!! Our anniversary was on the 9th of this month but with 2 kids' camps, 2 football camps, and a little 3 year old birthday boy there hasn't been any time to go. We had planned on going tonight but I ended up having to take Jackson to the doctor and then one of our water pipes burst. As sad as I was, we decided not to go on our date. We both wanted to really enjoy our night and each other. We didn't want to rush it especially since we don't get to go out as much now!! I believe I had mentioned to both big boys that I was a little sad because I had really wanted to go out with Daddy that night. I went back to Walgreens to pick up Jackson's prescriptions and when I returned I had this little stud meet me at the door and tell me that he was taking me on a date!!

(He even picked me flowers!!)

(Mommy and her handsome date!!)

He was so cute!! He had dressed himself- jeans, button up white collar shirt, tie, sports jacket and his new shoes! He had put on his deodorant, sprayed his body splash, brushed his teeth and gargled mouthwash, put Chapstick on and had gelled his hair!! (He is going to be such a little heartbreaker!! Not only does he have such a fun personality but he is so clean and very hygienic!) We were not planning on going out anywhere but how could I tell this sweet boy who wanted to treat his Mommy, no?! Well I couldn't!! He proceeded to take me into my closet where he wanted to pick out my "uniform"!! Lol! He picked a pretty black dress with gold on it. I told him that it had long sleeves and Mommy may get too hot. He said, "Mommy I really want you to wear that one. You will look so beautiful!!" All that was left was deciding on where to go. Colton really wanted to go to "Chuck-e-cheese its" (lol)!! I told him that really wouldn't be an option since it was almost 8 by the time we were getting to go. He said, "but Mom I have waited 2 years for this date!" (I totally love this kid- he keeps me smiling and on my toes)!! We compromised and said that maybe next time we could go there. Before we left John gave Colton a $20 bill and tells him to take Mommy out and to pay for her meal!! Colton puts the money in his inside jacket pocket so it wouldn't fall out! We get in our van and he thinks a little while and then tells me that he wants to go to Waffle House!! I smiled because when I was pregnant with Brooklyn, I craved Waffle House!! I had to have it once a week!! I told Colton that sounded perfect, but I wasn't sure if it was still open. We got closer and Colton said, "YES! The lights are still on!" We walked in and picked a back booth so we could sit and talk and enjoy having the one on one time!! Our waitress fell in love with my little man!! She gave him a hat and gave us extra food!! While waiting on our meal Colton asked me if I was cold. I told him I was fine. But then asked him what would he have done if I had said yes. He pointed to his jacket and said "I would give you my jacket! But not to wear because you would break it! Just to put it on your shoulders!" We talk about starting Kindergarten and soccer coming up. He holds my hand and then gives it a little kiss. "Momma that's what you are suppose to do on a date. And if you get married then you can kiss on the lips!" Such a little gentleman!! We have a wonderful meal and then I tell Colton to ask for the ticket. Once he gets the ticket, he hands the lady his money. We get back ones so we can leave her a tip, but Colton said he would rather keep all the ones. I tell him that we need to tip our waitress because she served us and did such a good job!! He agreed and counted out the tip! Then we proceeded to drive home but not till after we "cheered" with our to go cups!! 

(Paying for the meal)

(Counting out the tip)

When we got home, Colton decided that we should dance before calling it a night. So he went and turned on the back porch light and got the iPad for music. He wore his Waffle House hat and got his garden gloves (because he said you were suppose to wear white gloves when you dance! He didn't have any so he said he would just use his garden gloves)! He showed me where to put my hands: one holding his and the other on his shoulder!! Too precious for words!! I can not tell you how much joy I felt through out  this whole night!! Not only that my son thought about me and made me feel so special, but that he also handled him self in such a sweet and mature way!! I was so proud to call him my son!! After dancing concluded we walked to the door and I stole a kiss goodnight!! It was such a wonderful first date!! I hope that Colton will have as wonderful of a memory of this date as I do!! What was once a stressful and kind of disappointing day turned into such a wonderful night!! Thank you God for this sweet precious little boy that keeps me guessing but that also brings so much laughter and fun into our lives!! Colton, I hope that you will always treat your future dates with as much love and respect as you have shown your Momma!! God has such big wonderful plans for your life!! I am so glad I get to be your Mommy!! Love you to heaven and back!!

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